Scotch & Soda: Denim video

Into the blue ... 2010 also was the year that Amsterdams Blauw was born. This inspirational compact denim collection combined three important influences: American heritage, Japanese fabrications, and Italian washings. These were of course mixed with style aesthetics and detailing that could only come from the Scotch design kitchen.

Lot.22 represents the premium range within the Amsterdams Blauw line. This collection is a special combination where its very special fabrics come from Japan and its washes are perfected in Italy. Lot.22 is the denim laboratory of our design team and is famous for innovative techniques and processes. 2011 was the year our denim collection was put in the spotlight. By this time the collections had become big and popular enough to justify a stand-alone concept. Scotch&Soda opened its first ‘Amsterdams Blauw’ store on the Berenstraat in Amsterdam. With its signature store design and focus on the true denim lover, the concept was an instant hit and another successful Scotch initiative.

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